Zero Point Healing Energy

What is “radiant energy”?

Radiant energy is an electrical phenomenon observed and experienced at multiple variables of scale. Energy travels in waves, moving from a point of origin into the surrounding environment. 

The sun gives off radiant energy across a broad spectrum. The breadth of the sun’s energy fuels every natural process on earth. All biological systems respond to the energy in their environment. Ancient cultures around the world have revered places from where concentrations of energy are believed to radiate forth.  Clearing the mind, improving well-being, and expanding consciousness have long been associated with energy centers. 

The Lifestream Generator is a breakthrough technology that converts AC electric power into radiant energy.  Exposure to harnessed radiant energy through a Lifestream Generator has purportedly given many users improvement in health, mind, mood, and other well-being benefits.

Is the Lifestream Generator™ really new or just a different name for old technology?

The Lifestream Generator is new although it uses an older technology rescued from the obscurity which, when combined with other newer technological components, creates a radiant energy field that can be amplified and experienced.

The core technology that makes Lifestream Generator work stopped being produced over 70 years ago. Zero Point Research, LLC, recently newly manufactured this main component, using advanced state-of-the-art materials to generate a palpable radiant energy field.

Can radiant energy really make me feel better?

True radiant energy is the key to life. Without our Sun, Life as we know it could not exist.
Since our advancements in technology, we amplify frequencies within the natural spectrum to use for communication and various means. This means particular frequencies are a million times stronger (with technology) than what our normal exposure was before this time. EMF pollution is constant and has long-term effects on us especially if we are close to transmitters and electrical systems. The Lifestream Generator™ creates a large field of radiant energy. It is a pure energy generator (not frequency) and this is the key to reducing stress and bringing balance back to our systems as nature naturally does. You can bring radiant energy anywhere and stay balanced!

Does the Lifestream Generator™ really work?

Yes!  This claim is easily made based upon 17 years of feedback from thousands of people, worldwide, who have experienced the Lifestream Generator’s effects through radiant energy.  You will feel an undeniably pleasant sensation the moment you step into this field.

The Lifestream Generator is a combined technological achievement basing research from Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, and George W. Van Tassel. There is a combination of over 100 years of research to bring this technology to mankind. 

The Lifestream Generator uses Radiant energy waves to send a Unified Field of Energy through the body and in the process raise the cell voltage of all parts of the body thus bringing back a balance to oneself and allowing the body and mind to bring itself back into well-being. Your body and mind will balance on its own and will gain the youthful energy it once had. Your body and mind will optimize. This device is a Radiant Energy Device and has proven to be an important connection for all life on this planet. From humans to animals and plants. Radiant Energy Technology when produced causes oneself to re-connect to the natural state (unification) and will naturally bring you back to balance from all surrounding exposures to energies that cause imbalances (EMF, RFI, power lines, etc.) The energy emitted from the Lifestream is a noticeable energy. You will feel it. You can interact with it. You can transfer it to others. The benefits are nearly instantaneous. Your body and mind will relax within minutes and will proceed to eliminate your stress centers of the imbalances that cause the body to store or hold these harmful imbalances.